Our Goals

What we believe we should
help you to strive for

The bottom line is to achieve a fundamental pillar of the circular economy "working for the common good".


The Digital Product Passport will be mandatory as from 2030.

It will be a useful tool for implementing the following areas:


  • TRACKING of raw material extraction/production, supporting due diligence efforts;
  • TRANSPARENCY on the life story of a product, enabling services related to its remanufacturing, repairability, re-use/re-sale/second-life, recyclability, new business models;
  • INFORMATION citizens will be allowed to have access to relevant and verified information related to the products characteristics they own or are considering to buy/rent;


The focus was to design a method that could allow to enable final users to make ethical choices in a fluid and easy way.

A use of tools developed to measure and validate, with the collaboration of scientific institution, the sustainable characteristics of final products and communicate them. 


Tools which provide a data research methodology which aims to make deceptive communications (green washing) more difficult.


These procedures promote multidisciplinary and transversal collaboration within companies for the management of the environmental issue.


The expectation is of a scenario that embraces a multidisciplinary context, involving industrial sectors, such as: textile, automotive, cosmetics, food & agriculture, construction and medical ones, with the aim to create synergies with the same approach.


The project rely on the collaboration and consultancy of private and public institutions, which will contribute to all phases of the analytical and communication process.

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In our vision, the design of the process must necessarily guarantee a product




Let’s develop together ecological and transparent production through low environmental impact solutions.

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