Devalia is leading the way in developing responsible innovations in the fashion sector.

The Project

Established in 2021, Devalia is an innovative Italian consultancy specialising in sustainable textiles. The Veneto-based company was founded by Dalia Benefatto, a supply chain communications, traceability, and transparency expert with a background in the textile and fashion industry.

Dalia’s qualification in dye chemistry led to positions at leading fashion brands, such as Wrangler, over the course of two decades. Dedicated to playing a role in saving the planet and its inhabitants, Dalia has blended her scientific knowledge of the fashion industry with a natural ability for strategic thinking to help her clients develop sustainable products.


The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, with just one per cent of the world’s textiles recycled, and Devalia encourages brands to make the first step toward ethical products.

Underlined with a focus on eco-friendly fashion, Devalia’s services include full product consultancy, material tracing, guidance on recycling processes, and marketing. Dalia’s strong intuition and understanding of the sector’s latest and emerging trends enables her to help fashion companies develop innovative clothing and footwear – with a focus on responsible design and manufacturing.


Amongst Devalia’s previous projects was an eco-treated denim proposal for Wrangler which would produce the popular white fade effect on jeans, giving them a vintage look. Rather than using traditional industrial chemicals such as potassium permanganate – which has harmful effects on people and the environment – Dalia collaborated with the brand to use Ozone (o3), a safe and natural gas which offers a similar visual effect when used to bleach denim.



The judging panel was particularly impressed by the consultancy’s dedication to innovating the fashion sector’s entire supply chain process. Devalia leaves no room for compromise in its long-term vision for a sustainable, ethical, and responsible fashion and textiles industry, and Dalia is works with individuals and businesses across the supply chain to reach this objective.

Farmers, designers, chemical houses, and fabric suppliers are all part of the supply chain, and Devalia’s innovative science-based research and data helps mould their processes with a view to positive transformation in the global fashion industry.

The Founder

Dalia Benefatto

Dalia Benefatto is the founder of Devalia, setting the goal of developing circular economy projects (master achieved with SDA Bocconi) in the textiles and clothing sector, with a scientific approach resulting from collaboration with renowned research institutes.


Born in Torre Annunziata in 1977, she graduated in Dyeing Chemistry in Naples, immediately after school she left for a year of study/work in London and from there, the doors opened for collaborations with international companies that would lead her to travel the world in the following 16 years.

Today, with Devalia – a scientific approach to fabrics – she offers advices to the top management of companies that commercialize innovative clothing brands, fabrics manufacturer, laundries and who want to have guidance towards a responsible approach giving correct information required for digital passport, improving the product offer with a conscious impact on the environment.


Her professional choices allowed her to indulge one of her greatest passions: travelling, talking to different people and dealing with different cultures.

All this blends with the ability to open up to different points of view and other perspectives, observe human nature, study its dynamics… which never ceases to fascinate her.

Certifications & Awards

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