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NEXIA S.r.l & De Franceschi

An Italian company, leader in the production of innovative machinery and systems in the industrial white goods and textile laundries sector. Its technologically advanced products are developed in compliance with industry 4.0 standards and focused to drasti- cally reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

Rossana Mauri Journalist and Podcast Producer

Rossana Mauri, after a long experience in the journalistic world, in 2021 she founded with the aim of publishing, in podcast format, stories of people and companies. Among the first projects, the podcast Sfide Ecosostenibili was born which tells of companies and professionals who have taken concrete steps in the transition towards eco-sustainability. A successful project that has been broadcast on TV on since March 2023, obtaining over 500K views and listeners in just 3 months. Rossana says: “We interviewed researchers, entrepreneurs and consultants and, in this context, with Dalia Benefatto we explored important processes of the circular economy to consolidate everyone’s awareness that the future is a wonderful place! 
You just have to want it!”


Advertising & Communication agency in charge of the coordinated image of the project and the creation of informative and educational content. This in order to convey to the final consumer the values, founding principles, objectives to be achieved and data collected in a clear, transparent, and objective way.

SustainFuture by Elena Signorini

SustainFuture nasce dalla volontà di contribuire ad uno sviluppo sostenibile. Fornisce soluzioni e progetti alle aziende, accompagnandole nel loro percorso di transizione ecologica.

Ongoing discussions are being held with companies having the common mission to develop ecological and low environmental impact solutions, with the objective to implement the presence of products supported by transparent and not misleading communication in the market to the final consumer, validated by studies and scientific data

Scientific institutes and bodies

Scientific research institutes

Public and private structures at

international levels engaged in the study and analysis of the impact of new technologies on materials, in the development of new research projects, and in the dissemination of objective, influential, accessible and searchable data.

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